Dub Step Basses and FX for Ableton Live

Grimy, Wobbly, Fat Basses specifically designed for DubStep Production in Ableton Live.

I’ve created a collection of bass instruments especially for anyone looking to create dubstep style basses in Ableton Live.  I’ve been asked about whether or not you need some expensive third party plug in to make these kinds of sounds.  Of course you don’t!  So I thought I’d make a some directly inside Ableton, using the Operator synth.  The result is this pack of racks that should help you get moving on making your own dub step tracks.  Here’s a short track I made with these synths:

Here’s what’s included in the Ableton Pack:

  • 5 Ableton Live Instrument Racks (George Dub-ya Bass, Devil’s Dub Bass, Digital Dub Bass, Fierce Fire Bass, and Talking Bass)
  • 5 Ableton Live Multiband Audio Effect Racks (Flanger Delay, Multiband Distortion, Distortion Mids & Highs, EQ Vowels, Chorus on the Highs)
  • Live Project in which the Demonstration Track was made

The 5 Ableton Live Instruments cover a range of different dub step bass sounds, from a traditional wobbler to a talking vowel bass.  The 5 MultiBand Audio FX will allow you to add character to certain frequencies, while preserving the sound of others.  The included Live Project will give you ideas on how to use these sounds in a track.  Feel free to use the clips in your own productions and remixes.  Check out the video below as I go over the pack in detail.

Pick it up below for only $5!

* This pack requires Ableton Live 9 and Operator.

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  • http://www.pegritz.com Derek C. F. Pegritz

    Dude. TIGHT. I’ve been looking for some sounds like these for a while…to use in a completely non-dubstep context. :) I’m scoring a piece for string ensemble and twitchy, grimy synths–and this stuff fits the synth mold *perfectly!*

    Also, I just released a new album–the first in *years.* Now, it was done mostly in Renoise before I started using Ableton Live more, but I still use Renoise as a ReWire slave simply because it makes stutter editing and drum editing easy as hell. Check it out if you like: http://derekcfpegritz.bandcamp.com/

    • http://www.afrodjmac.com/ AfroDJMac

      Listened to the whole thing man, very nice. Well done. I’m glad this pack fits into your work nicely.

      • http://www.pegritz.com Derek C. F. Pegritz

        Thanks, brother! I’m currently working on a remix of the title track, “Oneirophrenia,” using *all* of those bass synths. It’s gonna be even trippier than the original…especially since I’m packing a bunch of samples from the movie Altered States into it!

        • http://www.afrodjmac.com/ AfroDJMac

          sounds excellent!

  • Salvatore

    What about Live 8 and Operator? This pack works?

    • http://www.afrodjmac.com/ AfroDJMac

      Unfortunately you need Live 9 and Operator :(